WordPress, one of the best content management systems, is being used in millions of websites today. WordPress is popular mainly because it allows users to customize everything including the theme, plugins, outlook and everything else fast and easy which is not this easy when it comes to other CMS. In this write-up, we will look at the five essential WordPress plug-ins that every website builder/blogger using WordPress should know about.

A plug-in is a software that adds a specific feature or functionality to a website like “contact form” or “social media buttons” or “a payment gateway” to their webpage. These plug-ins are not only easy to add and use, but also in most cases, are free. 

5 Most Essential Plug-ins you should install today:

Let us now look at some of the essential WordPress plug-ins for website builders.

1- Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin:

Yoast is an extremely popular SEO tool used by content creators and website builders alike. The Yoast SEO plugin is widely preferred across various content platforms due to the fact that it can help improve a website’s visibility.


  • The Yoast SEO plugin helps users perform activities like managing titles, keywords, meta-descriptions,  site maps and even the indexed pages.
  • Most of their important features including the ones mentioned above are free but they have a paid plan too which offers a few more advanced features. 

2- WP  Forms:

Another essential WordPress plugin, the WP form adds simple, user-friendly contact forms to the website. With WP forms, you can create a number of forms such as contact us, registration etc


  • The plugin comes with a drag and drop form-build feature that makes it easy for users to add the form to their page,
  • Beginners can also use WPForms Lite Version while Professionals can opt for WP Forms Pro version

3- WP Rocket: 

WP Rocket is a caching plugin that helps in decreasing the loading time of webpages which increases the performance of a website and helps it to rank better on google. 


  • This user-friendly plugin automatically turns on certain WordPress cache settings that will improve page load times.
  • WP Rocket also offers a free option called Imagify which helps users optimize their images to improve page load time.
  • While WP Rocket is a paid plug-in, if you are looking for a free plug-in, you can opt for WP Super Cache Plugin.

4- Google Analytics +:Analytics is an important tool used by bloggers and website owners who intend to keep a track of the visitors and visits to their website.  


  • Google Analytics + is an easy to use tool that helps track a website or blog’s analytics data.
  • The plugin helps track page views, visits, average page view timings, demographics, search engine terms, etc.
  • The tool helps the user get a complete report so that they can plan their content and strategies accordingly.

5- Akismet plugin: 

Akismet is one of the important WordPress plugins.  Users install the Akismet tool on their websites in order to filter out spam comments. 


  • This plugin is extremely easy to install and use, and is free.
  • Akismet takes a comment, cross-verifies with the comments stored in its database and checks and marks all spam comments. 
  • Users can check the Akismet history to see which comments were marked spam and which comments were cleared by the plugin. 


WordPress has a large number of plugins for its users, each of them providing unique advantages in their own way. You can choose them depending on their needs and budget requirements. 

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