In today’s fast-growing digital age, the number of consumers using the internet is growing every year, and these numbers continue to grow at a rapid pace. In such a dynamic situation, a well designed and hosted website becomes the most efficient means to stay in touch with customers and update them on the new products, service, and promotions on a regular basis. While the design part of a website is important, finding a good hosting company that can keep it up and running for years and provide visitors a smooth experience is equally important. In this writeup, let us find out how to choose a good Web Hosting company in Canada.

Choosing a good company to host your website is not a simple or easy task. A number of factors need to be taken into consideration. Let us have a look at some of the important criteria.

  1. Reliability of the Host’s server: A good Web Hosting company should be able to provide a guarantee with two crucial factors – performance of the website and uptime (The amount of time the website can stay up and running). While the performance of a website is important for SEO, a 99% uptime is crucial as well not only for the visitors of the website but also in google’s eye. 

  • Upgradability of the hosting plan: The Webhosting company should offer a plan that is easily upgradable. Most of the companies that are designing their website are relatively new businesses. Most websites start on a low-cost plan too. In both cases, as the businesses grow and online presence increases, there is a need for increased storage, resources, and bandwidth. The client may need options like email addresses added to their website. The Webhosting company will need to be able to accommodate the changing needs of the clients.

  • Scalability: A good Web Hosting company should be able to scale its services as the requirements of its clients increases or decreases. For example, if a client wants to add a couple of services to the existing plan, the hosting company should be able to accommodate their needs. If a client whose business is expanding, wants to start a new domain, the Webhosting company should be able to add that new domain to the existing plan or upgrade the plan so it can be added easily. 

  • The Cost Factor: The Web hosting company should be transparent about its overall costing structure with its client. Some companies may offer extremely attractive prices during the process of signing up, but hike their prices when it comes to renewal. If you are planning to sign up with a web hosting company, make sure you understand the pricing policies completely and clearly. Talk to their support team to have a clear idea of their pricing structure.

  • Cancellation and Refund: Always look for a company that offers a trial period or has an easy refund policy. This way you can be sure that the plan and the company you have chosen are working for you. Down the lane, if you plan to cancel your services, the provider shouldn’t charge you a heavy fee. This is another factor to be kept in mind while choosing a good Web Hosting company.

  • Technical features:  You should look for companies that give you access to FTP and SFTP tools. The control panel that your hosting company provides should be easy to use and navigate. SSL certificates, easy site backups and round the clock customer support are the other factors that should be provided by the hosting company. 

There are a few other factors other than the ones mentioned above to choose best Web Hosting in Canada. For example, if you are from Canada, you should go for a hosting company that has their server in Canada. This will help your website to have a low latency period and also google will rank your website higher in local searches. 

Choosing a good web hosting in Canada can be an overwhelming process. But if you have a clear idea of what you want and do your research before approaching the web hosting the company, you will be able to find a very good one to suit your exact needs. 

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