Free web hosting is something you should consider seriously if you’re thinking about building your website. All the websites you see online have a host. These hosts provide the necessary services such as tools and technology so you can design and launch your site on the internet. Currently, there are plenty of web hosts you can use to host your website; some of them are paid while some of them are free.

Hidden costs

The last thing you want is to be duped by some web hosting services that claim to offer their services for free. It’s one of the free web hosting considerations to think about. Some may claim the web hosting service is free of charge but may have other ways of making you pay. Thus, you should look at their plans and terms thoroughly before signing up with them.

For the most part, free web hosting services are truly free of charge. You can find plenty of them online. Just watch out for those who are trying to pose as free.


As they say, nothing in this world is actually free. When it comes to free web hosting services, there may be some limitations they impose so you’re more inclined to avail of paid upgrades. But it all depends on what you require for your website. Oftentimes, what these free hosts offer is more than enough and you won’t need to upgrade and spend money.

Control over your content

Some free web hosts require that they maintain ownership over your website’s content when you sign up with them. Thus, it might not be ideal if you’re uploading valuable content on your website and you plan on selling them in the future. You should read the terms and conditions of the host carefully so you won’t have issues with ownership later in case you plan on selling your website or its contents.

Monetizing your website

Because some free web hosts technically own your website, monetization won’t be an option. Online advertisers such as Google Ads also won’t allow you to monetize your website unless it’s a self-hosted or paid website. However, this might not be an issue if you don’t plan on making money off of your website. If you want to launch a website to promote your brand or showcase your portfolio, then there won’t be a lot of issues.


Storage is another main concern when it comes to building websites. If your website will only be mainly composed of text, then it won’t take up a lot of space. However, if your website will be media-heavy, then you might need a lot of storage. Free web hosts offer limited storage, as low as 3GB for a website. Meanwhile, other hosts may give you up to 10GB of free storage. If this is the main concern, you should certainly comb through the web host that gives you the most free cloud storage.

If ever you find yourself needing more storage in the future, you can pay for additional storage for a small fee. Typically, this won’t cost much.

Customer support

Your website never sleeps; it is up and going 24/7 without any breaks. Thus, you can encounter issues with your website at any time of the day. With this in mind, you want a standby customer service to reach out to if this happens. However, for most free web hosting services, you can’t expect top-notch services. A tip is to look for reviews of the free web host you’re planning on using. See what the users have to say about their tech or customer support.


Not all free web hosting service providers are the same. One web host provider may offer a ton of features and services that another provider may not. The key is to have a list of features that you need at hand. Then, you can look for your free web hosts based on those criteria. Some features you might need are branded email address, domain, web builder, SSL certificate, bandwidth, etc.

WordPress support

WordPress is a content management system that website builders utilize to create websites. It’s a popular tool used in web hosting. Thus, if you want to utilize WordPress’s features, check if your chosen web host supports WordPress. Some hosts support WordPress for an additional fee. You should check if the free web host offers this service for free. You can typically find WordPress support in the features section of the web host’s site. You can also visit review sites and forums to check if a web host offers this.


When starting your website, you want to create a unique site that will reflect your brand and attract readers. Thus, you want it to be as fully-customizable as possible. Some free web hosting services offer tons of themes and designs to choose from. Meanwhile, others may limit you in this area.


Lastly, you should highly consider your website’s security. You don’t want to compromise your data and your customers’ for a free web hosting service. Therefore, you should carefully look through the host’s terms and conditions so you can choose one that is secure and safe. You want a host that will protect you from threats, phishing, and malware attacks.

Some security features include SSL certificate, firewalls, CDN, secure data centers, DDoS prevention, manual reboot, and many others. Look out for these to ensure protection for your website.

Are free web hosting services less safe than paid ones?

In some cases, free web hosts offer less protection and security or their clients. However, this is not the case for all. Sometimes, both free and paid web hosting services offer the same level of protection and encryption. They just differ in other aspects like storage, features, etc.

Always have these free web hosting considerations in mind when choosing a web hosting service for your website. Know the services that you need for your website so you can choose the most appropriate free web hosting site for you.
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