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Useful Tips on How to Choose a Good Web Hosting Service

Since the advent of the internet, millions of websites have been created, all offering one service or the other, and thus making the internet the hub of activities that it is today. The increase in internet usage also gave rise to the need for hosting services, because these hosting services were the portals through which web pages became live on the internet. At the moment, there are various web hosting services. While all of them offer the same basic services and claim to be good, not all of them have been able to live up to the expectations of their clients. A very important question comes up here, which is “How do I choose a good web host?

Here are some useful tips about How To Choose a Good Web Hosting Service

If you own a Canadian business or are a resident in Canada, and need a Canadian web hosting service, there are different factors to consider, and most times it can get tiring for the client who may not be familiar with some terminologies. In this post, we will list some of the basic factors to be considered:

  • Hosting Needs

The first step of How to Choose a Good Web Hosting Service is dependent on what you need, and this involves taking the following into cognizance:

  • The kind of website?
  • Unique or common type like Blogspot, WordPress blog, etc.?
  • Will the site be static, dynamic, or responsive?
  • Is it an e-commerce site?
  • Will there be applications on the site?
  • Will the site have need for special type of software?
  • Intended web traffic volume?
  • Will there be requirements for specific scripts like Javascript, Php, etc?

Once you are able to answer these questions, you have an idea what you want, and what to look out for when looking for a good web host.

However, for a beginner who intends to run something small, you can begin with a shared hosting account, then upgrade to something bigger like VPS or a dedicated hosting.

  • Required Resources

It is important to pick a hosting service based on the features of your site, hence you would be considering:

  • Storage

For one with a small website, you may not need the unlimited storage feature, however, when you upgrade to the dedicated or VPS hosting, you would need to also upgrade the storage.

  • Email accounts and Domains

Often times, there is a mixup about domains and web hosting. Domain registration is basically about your unique web address and can be handled by another hosting company, and not necessarily the one handling the hosting of your website’s files. Most web hosting packages come with email account services, thus enabling the site owner having an email with the site owner’s unique name

  • Bandwidth

The bandwidth has to do with the speed at which your site is able to load and allow visitors access to information on the site, hence, you should pick a hosting service that offers more bandwidth.

  • Support and Security

The only easy way to ascertain a hosting company’s security strength is by reading reviews, however, it is recommended that you pay more attention to web hosting company that have security add-ons, automatic backups, monitoring structures, and firewalls.

  • Uptime and Reliability

It is important to use a hosting service that is stable and available 24/7, because a lot of sales opportunities can be missed if the site is inaccessible due to an unprecedented drop in uptime.

  • Web Hosting Pricing

Some web hosting services offer free hosting, and it is not always a good choice to make, as there are limitations and restrictions involved like domain, e-Commerce, and email restrictions.

Now you have an idea what to look out for when going for web hosting in Canada, perhaps you may want to ask “why are Canadian web hosting services better for Canadians?

There are various reasons why it’s best to host your web in Canada, if you reside in Canada. These reasons include:

  • SEO

When you use a Canadian Server, it gets identified by its server, hence, when a service is searched using, the search engine will present the results based on the priority it is giving to websites that have Canadian hosting. So peradventure your domain is, chances are that will show this as a relevant result.

  • Speed

While this may be barely noticeable by people, there is a better chance of a website loading faster in Canada, as the server load is usually minimal.

  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA): If you do not use a Canadian web hosting service, then you would be subject to the DMCA. Clients who use a Canadian website hosting service enjoy the privilege of having their privacy protected according to the Canadian Privacy Act, and do not have to be concerned about the DMCA.
  • Effective Customer Support

Compared to non-Canadian web hosting companies, Canada has a stronger and more effective customer support, and they are always available 24/7 to handle any issues and enquiries about web hosting and the numerous services.

  • Backup

Canadian website hosting providers usually provide backups for their clients’ websites, emails and databases, and make them easily accessible when there is an emergency.

There are a so many web hosting services out here on the internet, each trying to outdo the other. However, If you want the best for your website, without hassles, and with the best results, it is best that you carry out some research about different web hosting providers, and carry out comparisons. It is also advisable to lookup reviews about the web hosting companies, as that gives you an idea of what people have experienced with the web hosts. However, if you are in Canada and want the best web hosting services, then it is best that you subscribe to a Canadian web hosting service, because it helps improve your ranking on the search engine, and thus increase traffic to your website.