What is Kinsta, use and features

Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting provider that does everything you will need to get your website up and running. In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can use Kinsta – its features, plans, and other resources you might need.

About Kinsta

Kinsta has been working with WordPress now for over 10 years. During those years, they have partnered with thousands of businesses to manage high-traffic blogs and provide the companies with the fastest speed and stability for their sites. They are suitable for everyone – from startup companies to bigger companies.


When looking at a managed hosting provider, it’s vital to browse through their features first. This gives you an idea about their capabilities and expertise in the WordPress hosting providing field. Let’s take a look at Kinsta’s offered features.

State-of-the-art technology

Kinsta has a targeted focus on speed. That is why they make sure to only use the best technology to ensure your site loads within seconds. They utilize Nginx, MariaDB, PHP 7.4 to ensure high availability.

Hassle-free site migrations

Moving from one domain to another? Don’t worry. At Kinsta, they take care of all the processes concerning site migrations. They will assign a temporary domain for your site and make sure everything’s spotless before launching.

Secure network

No worries about security issues as Kinsta will handle everything. From both passive and active security protocols to daily backups, and many more. You also get DDos detection, hardware firewalls, SSL support, uptime monitoring, etc.

Uptime checks every 2 minutes

All Kinsta’s hosted websites are being checked every 2 minutes. That’s about 720 uptime checks per day for each of your sites. This is to make sure everything is up and running smoothly and quickly. They also address any issue they spot in the uptime checks.

Google Cloud Platform

Kinsta ensures fast and secure transport of all your data through the Google Cloud Platform. With Google Cloud, you can utilize their hyperscale data centers to reach users worldwide. They use a secure-by-design infrastructure to combat security threats.

Powerful, intuitive platform

Although Kinsta’s platform is designed to be highly intuitive, it certainly is developer-friendly and more powerful than it seems. You get an overview of your sites with their dashboard. Moreover, you get to track valuable analytics in just one place. This includes visitors states, response times, and bandwidth usage. With the platform, you can even create SSL certificates and many others using the tools that are conveniently located on the dashboard.

24/7 reliable tech support

Kinsta makes sure to maintain their 100% solve rate. Thus, they make sure no issue goes unnoticed. With their proactive support and 24/7 monitoring, they are able to resolve any issues that arise quickly. Moreover, their WordPress experts are quite adept in troubleshooting and maintaining your websites.

Available Plans

Kinsta’s plans are inclusive of free migrations and a hack fix guarantee. Their plans start at $30. In all plans, you can choose from one of the 24 regional data centers of Google Cloud. Moreover, you get access to Kinsta’s tech support to help you out with any issues you may encounter. If your site is coming from other hosts, they also handle your site migration.


At $30 per month, you are entitled to 1 WordPress install, 25,000 monthly visits, 10 GB of disk space, and free SSL and CDN. The Starter plan, as well as the other plans, all come with hack and malware removal, staging area, self-healing technology, multisite support, automatic daily backups, automatic DB optimization, manual backup points, and backup retention.


With the Pro plan, you get 2 WordPress installs, 50,000 monthly visits, 20 GB of SSD storage, and 100 GB free CDN. You also get 2 free migrations. On top of these, you also get site cloning, SSH access, and white-labeled cache plugin. The Pro plan is $60 per month.


Their business plans all come with unlimited migrations from other host providers, site cloning, SSH access, and white-labeled cache plugin. This plan is suitable for eCommerce and membership sites. Kinsta currently offers 4 Business Plans (at $100, $200, $300, and $400 per month). As you go up the plan, you get more WordPress installs, monthly visits, SSD storage, and CDN.


There are 4 Enterprise plans currently offered at ($600, $900, $1,200, and $1,500 per month). All Business plan features are included in the Enterprise plans. You simply get even more installs, monthly visits, tons of SSD storage, and CDN.

What to use Kinsta for

So now you have a good idea about the specific services and features Kinsta offers. However, you may still not know exactly what the are for (or how they can help you). First and foremost, Kinsta is known for its turbocharged speed. You may be wondering how they make that possible. They utilize a cloud-based infrastructure that’s specifically tailored to boost your site speed. Moreover, they use Google’s private fiber network that reaches about 10,000 terabytes of data per second! Thus, you are ensured the highest performance.

Kinsta has also partnered with KeyCDN, a CDN provider in Switzerland that’s quite known in delivering topnotch CDN services. CDN or Content Delivery Network is capable of bringing down site load times up to 50%. It can also offload up to 70% bandwidth requests as well as preventing your site from getting traffic surges.

If you’re looking for developer-friendly tools and intuitive interface, Kinsta gives you what you need. From one-click tests of plugins and codes, caching, and updates management – you can easily handle everything in one place.

If you currently own a WordPress site but want to look for a hosting provider, Kinsta is one of your best bets. Being in the field for over a decade, you know that they certainly know what and how to do the job and get the results that you want. If your top priority is speed, Kinsta is simply the right place to go to as they have all the best tools to make it happen.

Make Money From Cheap Website Hosting

Cheap website hosting services are usually used for hosting personal blogs, personal websites, small businesses, or various online shops. If you’re planning to establish an online store, a personal blog, or even sell goods, a good cheap web hosting service will help you get started. To make your online business succeed, there are several things that you can do to ensure that you choose a good one for your needs.

Which Things You Should Focus While Choosing Hosting

The first thing that you have to keep in mind is that when people are looking for products online, the very first thing that they check out is the site that appears on the first page of the search engines. The fact that you have a good cheap website hosting service may also help your site to appear higher on the search engines than any other ones. It is important to have a good looking cheap website hosting because the people who surf on the web are very picky and if the pages look sloppy, they will most likely not visit it again.


Another thing that you need to know when considering cheap website hosting is the type of hosting that you get. There are free and paid web hosting services. Although free hosting will allow you to host your own pages, it will not be as attractive as a good paying one. In general, most of the websites that are designed with a good looking cheap hosting service appear very professional, which is one of the things that people look at when they are looking for a site to go to.

Always Check Hosting Space

When choosing your cheap website hosting provider, always consider how much space you need. The more space you have for the website, the better. Usually, when people are looking for something to read and browse on, they want to look at websites that have enough space. Of course, you will also want to make sure that the price that you pay is affordable enough for you to host your personal website on it.

Important Thing To Remember While Designing Website

When you are designing your website, you should remember to provide all the information that you need in the header of your pages. The first thing that you have to do is to give details about the company, product, or the service that you provide. You will then need to give the name of the person or organization that will handle all of the related tasks to your website. You also have to give a brief description and details about how the pages on your site work.


Finally, you have to make sure that you include the logo of the company and the links to the company’s other pages. This is because the design of the site, especially its header, is what makes the visitors come to your site.


Always take your time when designing your cheap website hosting services, because the first impression of your site is the last impression. So, make sure that you take care of all of the details before anything else and you will get the best from the cheap web hosting service.


Cheap website hosting is a great way for newbies to make money online. When done properly, it is easy to get your site online and you can start earning from it right away.

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There are a few basic steps that you need to follow when getting your cheap website hosting service. The main step is to find a good provider so that you can choose the best package that offers the space, the hosting, and the tools that you need.

Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting usually gives you limited features, but you need to be prepared to upgrade to a paid account if you decide to change the software or add extra features. Another thing that you have to be aware of is that free web hosts are not very reliable because most of the hosting companies out there are new in this business. They usually fail because of the lack of traffic.


Finding the right company is one thing that will get you the traffic that you need for your site to be successful. The next thing is to pay a visit to some of the websites that are available online and see what they have to offer. The more options that you have to choose from, the better. Just make sure that you check out the reviews of the providers that you find and read some forums as well because these will help you make a wise decision.


About Flywheel

Flywheel has been around the managed WordPress hosting industry for quite some time now. They are known by many designers and agencies for giving affordable yet powerful services and tools to bring websites to the next level. In the company’s own words, Flywheel is thoughtfully built for busy creatives.


Just what services and tools does Flywheel offer? Keep on reading to find out.

Flywheel is dedicated to providing services that are specifically tailored to WordPress sites. Thus, if you’re using WordPress to host your site, Flywheel will optimize all aspects to make sure your site’s performance and security are in their best.

Auto-healing technology

If you haven’t heard of it before, auto-healing or self-healing technology enables your site to fix itself in any event of failure. This ensures a more stable site with improved uptime and performance. You also get less site crashes with this technology.

Content delivery network (CDN)

If you haven’t heard of it before, auto-healing or self-healing technology enables your site to fix itself in any event of failure. This ensures a more stable site with improved uptime and performance. You also get less site crashes with this technology.


Flywheel’s own caching technology is compatible and optimized with WordPress themes and plugins.

Google Cloud Platform

Experience site load times quick as lightning with Google Cloud Platform. Some of the large companies taking advantage of this platform include Spotify, eBay, Coca Cola, Sony Music, and even Apple.

Staging Sites

One-click staging sites are a thing with Flywheel. Move themes and plugins as you go. No need to manually copy themes and plugins from a test server. Moreover, you get to test WordPress updates as they are released. In some cases, updates don’t go as well as intended. With the staging site, you can verify the version first before applying it.

Demo Sites

Flywheel allows you to create your site absolutely free of charge. Once the site is ready to go live, you can either make the payment or transfer ownership to a client. The demo site is production-ready. Thus, you will get exactly what you see on the demo site when it goes live.

WordPress updates managements

WordPress regularly releases updates to keep your site up-to-date. Flywheel gets on top of these updates to ensure your site is eternally secure from any threats. If you don’t know it yet, it is crucial to download and install WordPress updates as soon as they are released. Flywheel will take care of it for you.

Auto backups

Backup is key! Flywheel conducts nightly backups of all your sites and keeps them on a server for a month. If ever you need to revert back to an old version, you can do so with just one click!

Seamless workflow

With a highly intuitive dashboard that’s quite easy to navigate, you can expect a more streamlined workflow. The dashboard shows you all the features you will need so you won’t have to waste time looking for it on Flywheel. You also get to collaborate with your clients or teams when creating the site.

Topnotch security

In a rare event that your site gets hacked, Flywheel will take care of it. No added expenses to you just like how it should be. But for the most part, Flywheel is equipped to protect your WordPress site from malicious malware and hackers.

‘Round the clock support

Flywheel’s team of experts is ready to answer any of your queries and concerns anywhere you are, no matter what time of the day. In the rare event of service failures, Flywheel has in-app support that makes it convenient for you to submit tickets. They also created tons of resources and guides to help you navigate WordPress better. Moreover, Flywheel makes sure you’re talking to real experts and not robots who don’t provide answers and solutions.


Now, let’s take a look at the plans Flywheel offers – the services included as well as the prices. Hopefully, you will find a plan that’s suitable for you. All Flywheels plans are billed per year. You even get 2 months for free if you sign up!


Flywheel’s Tiny plan is ideal for small and simple installs. You have a provision for 1 WordPress site, 5,000 monthly visits, 5 GB of disk space, and 20 GB bandwidth. All of this only for $15 a month.


The Starter plan is Flywheel’s most popular single-site plan. For $25 a month, you get hosted for 1 WordPress site. You also get 25,000 monthly visits, 10 GB of disk space, and 50 GB of bandwidth. For just $25 a month, you get such an excellent plan.


If you are currently growing your client list, the Freelance Plan is the perfect plan. At $96 per month, you get hosted for up to 10 sites. You also get 100,000 monthly visits, 20 GB of disk space, and 200 GB bandwidth.


Want to bring your business to the next level? Avail of Flywheel’s Agency Plan. With this plan, get hosted for up to 30 sites. You will get 400,000 monthly visits, 50 GB of disk space, and a whopping 50 GB of bandwidth.

If you think that none of the plans above suit you or your business’ needs, you can create a custom-built plan. Whatever features and services you need, Flywheel can create the perfect plan for you.

If you’re looking for a delightful-Managed WordPress hosting provider, go to Flywheel. If you’re up for fast speeds and a boosted performance, you simply can’t go wrong with Flywheel. Apart from this, they also offer a bunch of other features that will help you with your WordPress site.

Best rated web hosting for Canadian 2021

Finding a reliable and effective web host manager is a challenge. With one Google search, you will stumble upon a bunch of companies; and there’s no clear way to find out which ones will deliver the results you want. In this article, we will share the ten best-rated web hosting providers in Canada for 2021.


How often do you hear of eco-friendly web hosting providers? Probably not often. Which is why GreenGeeks stands out among other web hosting services in Canada. They do this by putting back the power they consume three-fold in the form of renewable energy.

Apart from this, you can expect a fast, secure, and scalable hosting from them. Their WordPress hosting plans start as low as $2.95 per month going as high as $11.95. In a rare event that you are not happy with their service, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


HostPapa will help you in your journey in brainstorming, developing, launching, and maintaining your website. They feature state-of-the-art data centers that ensure your site is live no matter what. Moreover, they utilize cPanel for managing your web hosts, statistics, email accounts, and many more. They integrate a wide array of features to your site such as flash animation, email marketing, eCommerce capabilities, etc.

HostPapa plans start at $3.95 per month.

Web Hosting Canada (WHC)

Web Hosting Canada is trusted by tens of thousands of small Canadian businesses. With their one-click installs for WordPress, topnotch speed, and security, you know you’re in the right hands. They have 17 years of experience in the business, with over 100,000 hosted websites and 40,000 happy customers and counting.

Superior web hosting by WHC starts at $3.89 per month. Meanwhile, ‘.ca’ domain names are available for as low as $9.99 per year.


If you’re just new to web hosting, you can rely on HostUpon to provide you with all the tools and services you need to launch your website today. They even offer free domain name transfers and free website migration if you’re coming from another provider. Moreover, their hosting plans are fully optimized for WordPress hosted sites. Their biggest selling point is the unlimited disk space and bandwidth for all plans.

HostUpon plans start at $2.95 per month. Their full-featured premium plan is $12.95 per month.


A2 hosting describes their web hosting to blazing fast! At 20 times faster than the average host, A2 has got you covered. With all plans, they offer free and easy site migration and automatic backups. Ever since they launched in 2013, they have continuously made it convenient for everyone to build, launch, and maintain their websites. Some of their main features include domain registrations, transfers, SSL certificates, fast hosting, and many more.

A2 shared hosting plans start at $2.99 per month. Meanwhile, VPS hosting starts at $5.00 per month and dedicated server hosting starts at $99.59.

InMotion Hosting

Whether you’re launching a personal website or a business website for your startup company, InMotion hosting promises to deliver excellent performance. In fact, they highly believe in their service that they offer a full money-back guarantee for their clients. They offer shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated server hosting, as well as WordPress hosting. Moreover, their customer service is U.S. based and available at any time of the day – wherever in the world you are.

InMotion WordPress hosting starts at $6.99 a month.


Looking for a managed cloud hosting service company? Cloudways is the best place to go to. They make sure to keep things simple. They even offer a free trial to give you a good grasp of what you’re going to get. If you plan on going live within minutes, Cloudways have all the necessary tools and technology to make it happen – ensuring quick speed and high scalability for your website.

Their managed monthly plans start at $10 a month. This gives you 25 GB of disk space and 1 TB of bandwidth.


Cirrus Hosting back in 1999 and currently hosts over 100,00 domains. Backed with several awards, this Canadian company surely knows what they’re doing. They offer a variety of hosting solutions that will meet any of your needs such as a 1-click WordPress installer. They have multiple datacenter locations across Canada, the USA, and Europe. If you’re not sure which plan to take, you can avail of their free consultation services to help guide you.

Cirrus’ monthly plans start at CA$12 for one website. This includes free domain registration, free WordPress updates, SSL encryptions, and many more!

Fast Comet

Managed cloud hosting doesn’t get better than with Fast Comet. They make it a point to make things easy and quick without compromising performance. You are ensured 300% faster loading times as they fully utilize an SSD cloud. Their data centers are strategically located all over the world ensuring you optimal speed and performance. Moreover, their 24/7 tech support is highly reliable and their uptime is 99.99%!

Fast Comet plans start at $2.95. The service includes SSD-only servers, malware scans and reports, free daily backups, and many more.


Founded in Bulgaria, SiteGround is currently trusted by 2,000,000 domain owners for delivering reliable web hosting for sites of all sizes. If you don’t know where to start, SiteGround makes website launching mind-numbingly easy. Moreover, they also offer domain registration and management, DNS services, etc. All energy consumed by SiteGround is matched by Google with renewable energy, too!

Their lowest plan starts at $6.99 a month. This gives you 10 GB of SSD storage, unmetered traffic, daily backups, free CDN and email, and many more.

More or less, web hosting companies provide similar features and services. It all boils down to which one will give you the best service at the most affordable cost. These 10 web hosting providers are some of the finest in Canada this year.

Canadian Web Hosting Reviews: Compare and Contrast

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Canadians love the Internet. According to market research firm Statista, approximately 69 percent of Canadian adults had access to the Internet in 2018. This is significantly higher than the global average of 42 percent. The majority of Canadians access the Internet through a personal computer (81 percent), laptop or notebook computer (59 percent), tablet device (60 percent), or mobile phone (67 percent). When businesses want to establish an online presence, they often look for the best web hosting services in Canada. These companies provide essential storage and server space for websites and related apps. Fortunately, there are many trusted options that can help your business thrive online. This blog post will explore everything you need to know before selecting a web host in Canada.

A Brief History of Web Hosting in Canada

Web hosting in Canada has come a long way since it first emerged in the 1990s. Back then, many companies offered hosting services in the United States. This was due to the low cost of doing business in the U.S. compared to Canada.In fact, many people referred to hosting services based in the U.S. as “U.S. web hosting.” Because this terminology was often confusing, some hosting companies offered “Canadian hosting” services.Later, some host providers began to offer “virtual hosting,” which allows customers to run their websites from a computer server in Canada. This approach allowed businesses to save money by choosing a Canadian web host.

Tips for Finding the Best Canadian Web Hosting Company

The best way to find a Canadian web hosting company is to do extensive research. Ideally, you should find out as much as you can about customer experiences, features, and pricing.One of the best ways to do this is to read customer reviews. You can also read reviews generated by third-party websites.In addition to reading reviews, you should also check out third-party websites that provide web hosting reviews. Some major review sites include TopTenReviews, WebHostingPad, and SiteHostingHub.Web hosting review sites offer a lot of helpful information. You can use these sites to select from the best Canadian web hosting companies based on price, features, customer ratings, and more.

3 Best Canadian Web Hosting Companies

If you’re looking for the best Canadian web hosting companies, consider these options: – BlueHost – Choosing this web hosting company can help your business succeed online. BlueHost offers quality hosting services at an affordable price. – HostGator – If you want Canadian web hosting services from a reputable company, HostGator is an excellent option. – InMotion Hosting – InMotion Hosting has become a popular hosting company thanks to its competitive pricing. This company is a great choice if you’re on a tight budget. – SiteGround – This company is one of the best Canadian web hosting services. It offers a wide range of features, including high-end security tools. – WebHostingHub – This hosting company has a strong reputation for providing high-quality hosting services. – WebHostingHub – This hosting company has a strong reputation for providing high-quality hosting services.


Web hosting is a critical component of any online business. When choosing a web hosting company, keep in mind that cost is just one factor. You should also consider features, reliability, and customer satisfaction. In most cases, it’s best to choose a Canadian web host. They offer reliable services at competitive prices. From a business perspective, it makes sense to choose a Canadian web host. In most cases, you can save money by hosting your website in Canada.

WHC Managed WordPress Hosting – Coupon Code 50% off

Web Hosting Canada or WHC is Canada’s leading web hosting provider. As of 2020, they are currently providing service to over 40,000 Canadian small businesses and continue growing. Being in the business for 17 years, they have hosted over 130,000 websites and served 40,000 customers. WHC makes it easy for everyone to choose the appropriate plans for them by giving tons of options.


Let’s look deeper into WHC’s offered services so you can figure out if what you’re looking for is something they can provide.

WordPress Host Management

Managed WordPress hosting is one of the main services WHC is known for. They stand out among competitors for their upscale performance and reliable service. With WHC, you get a wide range of services all in one plan.

You get to browse through and choose among thousands of WordPress themes and plugins. Moreover, WHC’s multi-level caching technology is tailored specifically to WordPress sites. Site visitors also have reliable and fast access through CloudFlare CDN with servers all over the world. Thus, load times are so much faster.

Moving from another provider? No worries. It won’t be any hassle to you as WHC fully manages the migration process. WHC also conducts automatic daily backups to ensure you won’t lose valuable data. You can restore to a previous version of your site with just one click. Moreover, WHC will perform all WordPress updates as soon as they are up. With the automatic backups, in case WordPress releases a bad update, you can revert back to a previous version. Thus, your site will still be up live with no problems.

If any problem or issue arises, you can always expect WHC to help you out no matter what time of the day. You can reach WHC’s team of experts through phone, email, or live chat.

You might be wondering why WordPress is a common choice for Canadian clients. Firstly, WordPress is bilingual ready which makes sites easy to launch whether in English or French. Even the 24/7 customer support can be done in French and English! Second, you get 100% Canadian hosting with SSD storage which is much faster and reliable. Moreover, you also get access to over 50,000 plugins to improve your site’s functionality. Lastly, if moving from another provider, WordPress also makes it easy to do so.

Safety and Security

WHC takes safety and security seriously. If you have a managed WordPress site, WHC protects them wit SSL certificates that encrypt data sent from your website to your visitors. Moreover, they also offer SiteSafe protection to confer protection against viruses and malware. WHC does this via conducting regular security scans of your site. If a problem arises, WHC automatically cleans it up and blacklists any threats. If your site is already infected, you can still activate SiteSafe and make sure to not leave any trace.

Green Web Hosting

WHC is also popular for its green web hosting in Canada. You might not believe it but websites impact the environment. Websites are run by powerful computers called servers that are securely stored in data centers. These require a significant amount of energy to run and operate. Luckily, green web hosting exists. Instead of running on fossil fuels and coal that produce emissions, WHC’s data centers run on sustainable hydroelectricity. Moreover, WHC also utilizes SSD storage that is much more efficient than traditional storage.

A Green Hosting badge sets your website apart from competitors. Environmentally responsible companies stand out to Canadian website visitors.

Domains & Websites

If you’re looking for domains, WHC also helps you find the perfect domain for your business website. Canadian businesses tend to use ‘.ca’ as their domain, you can get it for your website for just a C$9.99. They also offer other means to host your site.

Online Marketing

Apart from hosting, servers, and domains, WHC also offers services that will help you in online marketing. They help improve your website’s visibility through Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Apart from this, they utilize local online marketing to ensure you’re reaching out to your target market.


Right now, WHC is giving out a coupon code 50% off in their managed WordPress hosting services. They also offer a discount on some of their other services. This includes Web Hosting, Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, and WordPress.

All of WHC’s plans are powered by renewable energy. In any of WHC’s managed WordPress hosting plans, you can get your website up in a matter of minutes!


The WP Go is ideal for those who wish to launch a personal website. With this plan, users get 10 GB of full SSD disk space with up to 25,000 visitors per month. WP Go is C$3.49 per month (originally C$6.98 per month).

WP Pro

WHC’s most highly recommended plan with WordPress Pro features is the WP Pro Plan. With 25 GB full SSD disk space and 100,000 visits per month, you’re fully covered. WP Pro is C$4.99 (originally C$9.98 per month)

WP Beast

The WP Best plan is for demanding websites that need maximum power. With the WP Beast plan, you get 50 GB of full SSD disk space with up to 500,000 visitors per month. WP Beast is C$9.99 (originally C$19.98 per month).

If you need bigger WordPress plans for your business, you can contact WHC’s sales team to help you create a plan that’s specifically tailored to your business. You can get as high as 1000 GB of storage and millions of monthly visits. WHC will also give you a quote for the special plan that you need..

If you’re looking for a Canadian managed WordPress host provider, better go with WHC. With WHC, you get coupon code 50% off when you sign up for their plans. Experience blazing fast service with Web Hosting Canada – currently the #1 Canadian domain name provider.